E.R.P. - Noetic

Week 03

Convextion man Gerard Hanson may have been releasing spacey and atmospheric electro E.Ps as ERP since 1996, but "Afterimage" is still the project's first full-length outing. It is, of course, superb. Few can make this kind of deep, emotive and melodious electro quite as well as Hanson, and "Afterimage" arguably includes some of his finest material in this style. Highlights include the bustling rhythms, lilting chords and bubbly electronics of "Overcast", the deep, slow and poignant bliss of "Wishing Still", the deep space dancefloor shuffle of "Remembrance", the crystalline melodies and hard-hitting drums of "Noetic" and the ultra-dreamy rhythmic ambient closing cut "Forlorn". It is, though, all utterly beguiling.

DJ Healer - Lost Lovesongs

Week 02

DJ Healer is the downtempo alias of Traumprinz, the mysterious German producer who came to prominence through releases on KANN and Giegling. Back in April, DJ Healer was born with the release of ‘Nothing To Loose‘, a three-part vinyl LP consisting of eleven tracks of ambient, breakbeat, downtempo and house music. You can read our in-depth review of the album here.

Plant43 - Frozen Monarch

Week 01

UK based Emile Facey joins the frustrada familia bringing a heavy, ice cold and highly emotive 3 track EP. Much in the vein of ERP and the likes but with a sharper sounding more abstract approach. This makes Plant43 a unique and welcome addition to the Frustrated Funk label. Highly recommended!



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