Flame Design System
Together with a dedicated team, I’ve contributed and build a design system. The system is currently used and adopted by all the web solutions in Lightspeed. It helps people design, write and build consistent user experiences.


Lightspeed POS


Product Designer


2017 — Present


In active use

Design system for every web product
The design system supports every web product inside the Lightspeed ecosystem. Customers can rapidly build out solutions with the help of a Sketch template, React components and documentation.
Vibrant and accessible color system
A custom color palette has been created to support the system. It’s a vibrant and accessible palette to enhance the user experience across all of the web products.
Components into patterns
Small bits of components can be built out into delightful patterns. These patterns are used to shape out refreshing layouts and serve all the needs of users.
Design system documentation
A custom website was built to serve all the documentation for the system. It's a dedicated space for all the product people to find out how to create smart, reliable and consistent user experiences.
Brand identity to build recognition
To encourage adoption across the company a brand identity was created for Flame. The mark is build out of blocks with the colours of a flame.
Open source
Since September 2019 the React components of the system have been open sourced on Github. It was a big step into building out an open source mentality in Lightspeed, as Flame was the first project to do so.
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