Welcome to my (listening) Journal.

This is where I share weekly findings in music. It’s basically a recap of what music I’ve discovered and been listening to for the past week. I like to keep finding new music and I use this platform to share it with the world. The stuff you’ll find here is usually covering all aspects of electronic music.

Any suggestions?
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Week 10
We’re double digits now! Week 10 is here. This week covers powerful ambient by ju cha, delightful collection of tracks by De Lichting, Versalife combines cutting-edge electro with techno, and hard-hitting beats by VTSS and Bjarki.
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Week 9
This week contains music by Ocoeur, futuristic electro with Nite Fleit, Psychedelic sounds by Elijah, Wedding Acid Group with their first output of the new year and James Shinra returns to AF.
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Week 8
8 weeks into 2020 already, damn. This week is a mostly techno focused recap with a glimpse of experimental music. Skee Mask is back with another remix, Borai & Denham Audio puts you right back in a club, Zoë Mc Pherson released an album, Surgeon and Illian tape, and Blue Hour knows everything about UK club culture.
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Week 7
Sending out love with another week of fresh music. I’ve stumbled across a release by a completely unknown artist called Horizontal Phase, it’s definitely my favorite music of this week. Other stuff includes a debut solo release from Eris Drew, Rrose & Silent Servant combined forces on a diverse compilation and RX-101 brings you back into vintage-Rephlex sounds from 1995.
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Week 6
I’ve been looking forward to this week of new releases for a while. It covers 5 new releases from some exciting artists. Nicole released her debut EP, Pariah is back with a deep techno track, Beatrice Dillon covers all aspects of rhythm, Perko released his second EP on Numbers and Nicolas Jaar is back on his Against All Logic alias.
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Week 5
While we’re saying goodbye to the first month of 2020, I’ll show you another week of fresh releases. This week contains a new split album by DJ Lostboi and Torus. Anunaku is back after a stunning debut ep on Whities. Andras is bringing you a lot of joy on his new album, and last but not least Squarepusher his first album in 6 years is released today.
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Week 4
Last week of January! This week contains only new releases. It has some mind-bending braindance on a new compilation from Massage Brain Cult. De Stijl has released its second EP, and it already contains one of the best ambient tracks this year by Korridor. Aquarian released his first album on Beduoin Records, hard-hitting EBM by Phase Fatale and some lush electro by Credit 00.
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Week 3
This week contains new music by Shanti Celeste, a mind-blowing remix by Voiski, a lovely selection by Martyn on the Ilian Tape Podcast Series and some lush soundscapes by Mikron.
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Week 2
A lot of different styles in this week. It starts with half an hour ambient from the amazing Malibu. It’ll then take you on some 175 bpm breaks with a lot of acid, and will put you then back on earth with fresh sounds from Konduku.
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Week 1
First week of my listening journal, woo! This week contains some music of the stuff I’ve had on repeat while working on this website. You’ll find some of the best (deep) house, emotional sounds from Leafar Legov and even some mind-blowing Jungle! Dig in :).
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